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Search Me Saturdays #4

September 3, 2011

Tonight will be one of the hottest parties of the year, Pure Pride. It’s Calgary’s Gay Pride and the hotties will be out in full force tonight.

For the rest of you who aren’t celebrating you will be most likley trolling the internet, searching wacky things to fill your night.

Here are a few of those searches which have brought people to and what I  have to say about them.

#1 mr. fabulous eddie cibrian marriage

Although he got a bit ‘handsy’ under my boob, I can assure you we have not been married!

#2 she fell into pedicure sink basin

Who was ‘she’ and why didn’t her friend take a picture. I would have paid money!

#3 hors for the night

This is really two questions in one, in both situations, tuna salad is the right answer.

#4 chicken wings with chicken all at the top

I’m with you, I’d like to see an easier way to suck that bone clean. Wurst makes something close, a sausage stuffed chicken wing… amazing!

#5 where to buy muffin paper cups


#6 sexist cologne advertising

This one has always been my favorite…

Thanks for all your crazy this week, keep up the great searches!

Mr. Fab oogle