What to Wear Wednesdays

What to Wear Wednesday (Pearls)

August 24, 2011

No matter what you have on (providing it’s not sweatpants) there is one accessory that can make you look like that high society gal you always wanted to be!


Now I am not talking about that yucky single strand choker your Nana gave you, I’m talking a nice long double strand (preferably vintage Chanel). But when $$ is tight, even fashion plastic coloured pearls will do.

Now I tried to find more photos on the internet to show you exactly what I was talking about, but as it turns out, when you search ‘Girl Wearing Pearl Necklace’ something totally different comes up.

So how to explain without looking like a total drag queen….

Why make a shirt of course!

I told you last week ladies, I’m coming for your fashion, so glam up and find yourself some bling before I get to it first!

Mr. Fab earls