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Model Monday (Solar)

August 22, 2011

Last week I wrote about a shoot I modeled for called ‘Smart Power’ where the ideal of ‘wind’ was shown on my face using a high powered leaf blower.

This week I bring you back to the same shoot where I was taken to the make up chair to offer a twist on ‘Solar‘ power

One day I can just imagine driving down the road and looking up thinking, who is that ‘douche’ on the billboard? To then squeal in delight “it’s me, it’s me!”

This shoot explores the downside to solar energy.

The one big negative to summer, the dreaded sunburn! Lucky for me I use and SPF +55 so I forever will look like a porcelain doll!

Thanks to Drew Myers and the wonderful team at Corbis for all the fun that day!

Mr. Fab screen