Search Me Saturdays

Search Me Saturday #4

August 20, 2011

It’s my favorite day of the week, the time I get to try and figure out how and why you came to my site based on your Google searches.

Here’s the odd ball searches you typed in this week. As always I hope I can help!

#1 Im Mr Sex tape

I may have a good face but trust me, I’m not very good without my Spanx.

#2 I love to eat fair foods

Darn Tootin, which is why my sex tape is non-existent! This week I’m in Edmonton with my friend Alex at the Fringe where they do things right! Cupcakes!

#3 oxe o que e isso ?

Huh? *shrug*

#4 make homemade slip n slide

That sounds like a date! Olive oil and Garbage bags!

Thanks for visiting my site you nut bars!

Mr. Fab