Famous Fridays (Jenny McCarthy)

August 19, 2011

Ever since I was little I have loved the winter time; the snow, the crisp white and more than anything, Christmas.

A few years back I was given an amazing Christmas gift. The chance to spend a month working on set with Jenny McCarthy for a holiday movie titled ‘Santa Baby 3’ as her co-star Dean McDermott’s stand-in.

So what did I think of Jenny? First off she is really funny and always came to set with a great attitude. She would crack jokes, talk with us and text non-stop (until she dropped her iPhone and smashed her screen.)

I have a ton of sweet stories about Jenny, but only time to share one;

One day her sister was on QVC hawking her make-up and skin care line and Jenny made sure to call in to support her. As the phone was ringing she got called to set. She handed the phone and her credit card to one of the production staff and said “Order two of everything she is selling and have it sent to your house, it’s a gift from me and my sis.”

I had a great month and I am really happy to have met her, she is a very kinda and thoughtful person!

Mr. Fab

And on a side note, my car also got its 15 minutes of fame and made it in to the movie too.