Search Me Saturdays

Search Me Saturdays

August 13, 2011

Yes it’s that time of the week again! Search Me Saturdays, the day of the week where I praise the Google Gods for bringing you to my site even though your search terms really have nothing to do with me.

Lets see what you were really looking for this week.

#1 Wee Snacks

Are your Spanx cutting off circulation like mine are? I was watching ‘My Strange Addiction” May I suggest toilet paper…

#2 Ringleader Baby

#3  patti labelle chicken wings

Any lady of ‘distinguishable size’ knows a good chicken wing… great search!

#4  does t shirt with slogan ‘ being this handsome comes naturally’ mean same as ‘handsome like daddy

Not unless that stone cold fox Carrot Tops Dad was Chucky

Thanks Google for bringing all these whack jobs to my site…

Mr. Fab oogle