Whoogle me!

August 4, 2011

I would like to take this time make a self proclamation.

I am a scholar.

Sure my spelling is not perfect and it takes me about 14
hours to complete an easy read like ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
But when I see something worth writing about or worth reading, I’ll buckle

This brings me to my new favorite book and past time.


To ‘whoogle’ all you need to do is star typing a few letters into the google search bar and see what utter nonsense comes up.  But if you’re one of those cheapskates who are stealing my wireless signal only to try this and realize I have finally added a password, you can always go to your nearest Urban Outfitters and stand in my way reading the books for free inevitably breaking the spine of the book and creasing the pages so that when I buy it, it looks like I got it from a church rummage sale.

So let me save you some time, Here a few freebies from the book.

Typed in Search: Do old p

Result: Do old people eat cat food

I always thought those were hard candies she was munching on, I guess I was wrong.

Typed in Search: Can you m

Result: Can you milk a hamster

I suppose Nana needed something to wash her whiskas down with…

This book exceeds the ridiculous and left me self-assured that there are people much more crazy than I am.

The book retails for $12.95

Mr. Fab oogle

Looking forward to reading your comments!