What to Wear Wednesdays

What to Wear Wednesday (Fashion Hero)

August 3, 2011

I have said before that it is a good thing I was not born a girl. I love fashion so much that if I were a girl, with all the options that are out there, I would be a filthy haute mess.

I wouldn’t say no to anything, Instead I would wear it all at once. I hate the statement “Less is More”. Who came up with that? I believe in quite the opposite: “More is More”, and I am not the only one.

A few days ago I ran into a mild version of what I would look like as a female!

Maeghan Archibald

How very Gossip Girl! Lets take a look!

From the top down I was in love. A girl who took time to dust off the crimper and give herself a once over… LOVE! If this were me I would have added some super sick earrings and a long strand of Chanel pearls a la’ Madonna ‘Lucky Star’ era.

The bottom makes me want to invite her over for a slumber party, steal her clothes in the middle of the night and make up some story about a midnight fashion prowler on the loose.

And the part that sent me into a fashion frenzy…. THIS!

I had dreams about the bangles and lack of colored nail polish! When you’re this fabulous you can work a nude nail!

This whole look screams original ‘Material Girl’ line.

You are a total fashion template!

Thanks for not turning this look into a mad disaster like I would have.

Mr. Fab from head to toe

Looking forward to reading your comments!