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Dear Young Self

August 2, 2011

The other day I got to thinking (and staring) at a group of 20 somethings. I wondered what had happened to my soft wrinkle free skin. I tried to remember if I ever had it. I mean, these 20 year olds have it so I must have had it too… Why didn’t I embrace it? Had I known what I know now, I would have spent my youth staring in the mirror stroking my soft skin. But alas, the moment has passed.

Then I wondered what else have I missed and what advice could I give to others!

Lucky for me my personal thoughts and Twitter were on the same page. #dearyoungerself was not only on my mind but a ton of others too. So what did they have to say to their younger selves? What had they wished they knew back then? Here are some of my top picks, advice I can agree with;

#dearyoungself all the cool middle school kids are fat or in jail now.

#dearyoungself Don’t be afraid to stand up to those bullies, you’re doing the right thing, trust me.

#dearyoungself don’t cry & think Magic Johnson’s gonna die… He’ll not only live but sell you Starbucks & TGIFridays food

#dearyoungself you start to get sick of dance at the age of 14, but you don’t quit because you know if you did you would hate yourself.

#dearyoungself you will become addicted to the internet lol

#dearyoungself that outfit does NOT go, you are wearing TOO MUCH foundation, wtf is up with your eyeliner?!

#dearyoungself…you will make it big one day!

So what do you wish you could have told yourself when you were young?

Here’s mine:

#dearyoungself.. your family will ‘get you’ one day. You’re a pretty cool kid!

Mr. Fab

  1. Dearyoungerself…me… You should of done Play Boy when you had the chance, it would not of hurt your career, in fact it would of helped it.

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