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Ironman? No thanks!

August 1, 2011

There are very few things that I will not do.

-I will not wear a shaving cream beard and run through a child’s birthday party.

-I will not make a homemade slip n’ slide with trash bags and dish soap.

and after yesterday, I have one more to add to the list;

-I will not attempt to compete in an Ironman half marathon, instead I will leave it to the fit and well-trained population.

Now one would ask how I ruled this out. I mean, I like the idea of  a sweaty cluster of people, how could this not be up my alley?…

Earlier this year a good friend of mine, Shannon, aka super athlete, aka aspiring lawyer, aka crepe maker extraordinaire, decided her life wasn’t hectic enough and started to train for the competition. This is where the flaw begins, I would have to train. The race would consist of  a 1.9km swim, followed by a 94km bike race, finished up with a ‘no big deal’ 21.1km run. I would be in the hospital.

As I sat by the finish line, wishing I would have worn my Spanx to somewhat fit in with all the athletic bodies, it became very clear that even if someone were chasing me I would not be able to keep the same quick pace as these runners.

Then in a blur Shannon had passed me. I started screaming, and like a child who I had seen prior, I started to run with my hero. Obviously these 6 year olds had been training with Mom or Dad because Shannon left me in her dust.

With a remarkable time of 5:43 on her first triathlon, putting her in the top 10 in her category, I realized it takes someone with a lot of determination and drive to do what she did.

I am so proud of you for not cheating like I would have! And if you want to know what I would look like after just a 5km run, watch the video below…

Mr. Fab uffing and puffing

Looking forward to reading your comments!