Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (Nicole Richie)

July 29, 2011

There are 3 celebrities I have always believed I would make great life long friends with. Two of them are the Olsen twins… Although I am quite certain I would just stand there and quietly cry if I were to meet them.

The other famous gal is Nicole Richie.

Lucky for me I didn’t cry when I met her, but getting the chance didn’t come easy.

It was brought to my attention that Nicole would be in Calgary to launch House of Harlow and Winter Kate at Holt Renfrew. This was also a visit to kick off the release of her newest book, Priceless.

Then the problem; she was to do a small 12 person meet and greet for Holt’s top clients: I did not belong to that circle. Then to make matters worse, as I was crafting a plan to get an invite, I was told it was only for Mothers and Daughters. Major Fail! Maybe they didn’t know who they were messing with; after all, I was meant to be BFF with Nicole. This was going to be tricky!

Then the clouds parted ways and my phone rang. Somebody had heard of my amazing talents and I was offered the opportunity to act as her P.A. for the event. What did that entail? Cracking a bottle of Fiji water in front of her burly attractive body-guard and pouring it into a glass. The moment to meet her was mine for the taking!

So what did I think of my time spent with her? It was nothing short of amazing. Nicole is very quite and very sweet. When I first met her she introduced herself to me… like I had no idea who she was. We had a nice little conversation and I conveniently had her book with me for for an autograph.

Here was a funny bit of our conversation.

Fab“I love Truth about Diamonds, I have only read seven books in my entire life and this is one of them!”

N.R“I’ve never read a book”

Fab“Are you kidding me?”

N.R – cutsie head shake

She is the least egotistical famous person I have ever met and her life story is amazing. If you hate on her, it’s because you don’t know a thing about her. Read her books or go for a pedicure with her and you will have a new opinion.

Mr. Fab friends

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