A Chippy Meal & Drink!

July 28, 2011

Everybody knows that different countries have different products. I have written about this before with my displeasure over the coffee creamers. Once again I have discovered the most delicious product that sadly you may never get to try.

The Mojito Potato Chip and the Cheese Burger Potato Chip.

I had these on a recent vacation in Spain. It was the perfect beach day and instead of all the pomp and circumstance of packing a giant picnic basket loaded with food and drinks, I opted for the easiest version.

Now I will say 2 bags of salty salty chips later I wished I had brought some actual liquid, my throat was dry and my lips were chapping but you better believe I finished every last chip.

What did they taste like? Exactly what they claimed to. The most delicious flame broiled hamburger with hints of ketchup and mustard, smothered with cheese along side a minty fresh lime refreshing mojito.

After being 100% satisfied I am now wondering what else I am missing.

Dear Lays, please bring these to Canada or send me some to share with my readers!

Fabulously Delicious!

Mr. Fab course meal

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