Toliet Paper Tuesday

July 26, 2011

Most of the time when we talk about toilet paper the question of ‘over or under’ comes up… But what does it matter which way your roll is placed if it wont even turn.

With these new mega rolls taking over the market it is becoming quite impossible to even get it on the holder. Sure I like the idea that I am wiping with a down filled duvet but when I can’t get more than one square at a time, then what good are they?

So I contacted the maker of the softest puffiest roll ever with my concern, Charmin.

They were more than happy to hear my concern and solve my problem, sending me a ‘Roll Extender’. This plastic device attaches to your existing roll holder adding the extra distance from the wall allowing your Charmin Mega roll to spin like a Whirling Dervish.

Now they have an option on their website to request the extender but big shock, it only has options for the USA, but if you send them a quick message and attach my link, I’m sure they will send you one too.

email them at:

Happy rolling!

Mr. Fab