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Carnival Side Show

July 23, 2011

I’d like to congratulate my sweet cousin Sherona and her handsome husband Aaron on their Wedding Day today.

I have made the trek to the middle of nowhere (Limerick, SK) to celebrate their special day with them. The theme: Coney Island Carnival.

As soon as I heard there would be a theme I started to scour the internet looking for the perfect ‘outfit’. Now I was not told this was a costume wedding…. but at the same time I wasn’t told they weren’t allowed, so naturally I settled on a Ringleader costume. (I hope she doesn’t mind)

Now dear cousin, if you think I stopped there, you’d be wrong! Why would you tell me this was a theme wedding? Big mistake…

For the last couple months I have been thinking how could I make this day a little more special for you? Then it hit me! Go big or go home…really big!

For the past month I have been taking stilt walking classes with the Green Fools. I have worked my way up to the 2.5 foot stilts, making me a tower almost 9 feet above your guests. But at the ninth hour reality hit… I have no idea if your wedding was indoor or out, and how high would the ceilings be… and what about the doorways?… This was bound to be a disaster.

Just know that I wanted to surprise you, but liability says it’s best that I left the stilts at home.

I am so happy for the both of you… congrats!


Mr. Fab est show on earth!