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GREEN light for Calgary Folk Festival

July 21, 2011

Tomorrow at 5:30pm will be the start of something fabulous in Calgary. Opening day for the 4 day music extravaganza, the Calgary Folk Festival, which I have been asked to cover! (I am so lucky!)

Never before have I written about an event before I have attended, but this time something wonderful has ‘wet my whistle’.

H2O, good ol’ fashion water… and at my favorite price… FREE.

As part of their green efforts Calgary Folk Festival will NOT be selling any bottled water at Prince’s Island Park, home of the four-day music festival, July 21 -24. Instead, TD bank will be sponsoring several TD H20 stations on the island to provide, free, refreshing tap water to those who BYO(w)B (bring your own water bottle). In addition, the TD comfort crew will be circulating the crowd, serving water to thirsty festival goers from their eco-friendly portable packs.

I just think this is the cats meow.

I do have one concern though; will people not bring water bottles filled with vodka to the event and pass it off as water?

Sometimes good can be bad. But I love the idea, lets hope no one ruins it!

Mr Fab festival