What to Wear Wednesdays

What to wear Wednesday (Belt Buckles)

July 20, 2011

There are a lot of reasons I love this redneck town of mine. We have a great art scene, delicious restaurants, and great outdoor spaces. But what really separates us from the rest of our country is our style.

With Stampede a distant memory many of the Urban Cowboys have returned to their standard wear. But I like to live in the past and remember the good times we had!

Not looking to have my butt whooped, I wrangled a couple of girls as ‘wingwomen’ so I could photograph their ‘treasures’ before they returned them to the bottom of their sock drawers.

Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word “treasure” to describe them …how about “pride and joy”

Okay, yep, I said “pride and joy” I see you like Led Zeplin…ummm not what I was looking for. Just show me your buckle!

One of your friends likes it, the other one is nuetral…I want some more with bulls on them, maybe that will impress.

Not bad. But of course I save the biggest shiniest buckle for last!

Just another reason we call Stampede “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

See you next year

Mr. Fab elt buckle

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