9am Too Early? The Buckn’ Breakfast

July 19, 2011

Now that the dust has settled and the boots are being packed up, I am taking some time to reflect on my choices during the Calgary Stampede.

There are many other events that take place during the 10 day extravaganza, one of which is the 21st annual ‘Buckn Again Breakfast’. Now I am a huge fan of breakfast so this event was right up my alley. I was given an invite from a group of girls who have been a part of the Buckn Breakfast for years and have managed to secure a fantastic table to this sold out event. These ladies were not amateurs, they had even managed to create a team name complete with personalized shirts. Team ‘Giddy Up’ welcomed me into their club and knighted me;

The event starts with Breakfast at 8am and ends with the last man standing. The day would include food, dancing, different venues and an excessive amount of drinking.

I have included a time line of what I recall from the day.

  • 7:40am – Wake up and look in the mirror. What have I got myself into?
  • 8:20 – On route, deciding to Cowboy hat or not…
  • 8:40 – Parking far enough away that I will forget where I had parked.
  • 9:00 – I arrive and I am given a pitcher of cosmopolitan
  • 9:05 –  I realize I better get some food before this gets ugly. For goodness sake, its 9am!
  • 9:10 – Back with food and I am bullied into a shot of Jagermeister

  • 9:20 – The girls are smoking their sausages

  • 9:35 – I feel a hand going up my thigh. I need another cocktail.
  • 9:50 – They are now serving my favorite bubbles NVY; This is now officially a run-away train.
  • 10:00 – Time to dance, This place is like a night club.
  • 10:05 – Bored from dancing I decide I am a back up singer
  • 11:00 – Time to change venues. As I face daylight to board the bus I see another Blogger, xoxoJes: I kidnap her. I need a positive influence. Armed with Red Bull I’m now off the sauce!

Unknown time: Now things get really blurry so I have to imagine what was going on based on the photos.

I play stick up with the Beer Tub Girl.

I Eat the grossest lunch I have ever eaten.

I start packing heat

I get a little handsy

I decide to review a few photos, OMG, I am developing ‘Ugly Face’. I call a friend a beg for a pick up, this venue is filling up and I decide I don’t need a bigger audience. I hide out in a bathroom stall until my ride arrives…

Thanks for the amazing time team ‘Giddy Up’ you where quite the consummate hostess’s

Mr. Fab uckn breakfast