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Marketing Monday (Katy Perry & Me)

July 18, 2011

By now you are probably aware that if I want something I’ll do whatever it takes to get it! This was the case with the sold out Katy Perry concert on Saturday.

Now I tried a lot of routes to get these tickets, some of which I am not proud of. A midst all the hysteria the clouds parted and my prayers were answered, but it wasn’t without cost.

I was asked by Katy’s tour sponsor Virgin to ‘help’ them out the night of the concert. I would be paid, there would be a free shirt and I could see the show… this all sounded too good to be true.

Within a few hours of agreeing to the unknown I was sent a message of what I would be doing; Taking photos for fans, with fans at a photo station. Okay, now we’re talking… not so bad.

And then a ‘sketch‘ of my wardrobe was sent to me! I was told they wouldn’t need to know my size… it was stretchy! HORROR set in, the only stretch I was use to was that of my spanx and this was way less fabric then even they use.

With my dignity packed away and my love for the song ‘Fireworks’ I squeezed my ‘apple bottom’ into my outfit and had the time of my life!


When you want something this bad, you can make it happen…at any cost!


Mr. Fab and I liked it!