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Famous Fridays (the Food Carnie)

July 15, 2011

When I was a child I dreamt that I could be like Disney’s Toby Tyler and run away with the circus.

Then my pet hamster died and I realized I was no good with animals so I dreamt bigger… To run away with the County Fair!

Today I met my hero’s, some guys who actually made that dream happen!

I had to choose wisely when I considered whose story to tell so I went to my favorite place in the fair… Swains Pizza on a Stick. Now their story isn’t a typical tale of run-a-way but one of carrying on the family tradition.

                         The Swian family

The Characters in this story, Jimmy Swain from Florida and his sidekick Allan from Kentucky.

Now what makes these guys famous, besides being my hero for having a job that allows them to see the world and eat good food? Jimmy’s dad is the inventor of Pizza on a Stick! His family has been in the carnival food business ever since he was a kid. Several years ago his dad came up with the famed pizza on a stick idea and now while his dad, Jim Swain is marketing the patented idea to supermarkets, Jimmy sells the delicious item to fair goers all over America!

And who is Allan? Allan is a guy just like me! A foodie that knows a good thing when he sees it. He is the sidekick of this travelling sideshow who is so passionate about the product, that he even got a tattoo to prove it!

These guys were nice enough to take the time and show me around their kitchen and offer me a free meal despite the line building up outside.

I can’t say thank you enough, It was great to have met you. Thanks for letting me live my childhood dream if only for a few minutes that day.

If you ever need a 3rd in the kitchen, you know who to call!

Mr. Fab on a stick!