Calgary Stampede

Ride This!

July 12, 2011

Last night was an amazing night; an amazing performance by Lights and to shake the cinnamon sugar off of my shirt, a death ride on the Sling Shot.

Now I should start this by letting you know a few things,

#1. Several years ago one of my best friends (who promised me a calm ride) spun me unconscious on the Tea Cups. All I can recall as I blacked out was Angie’s shrill cackle;  I vowed to her that I would never again go on a Midway ride.

#2 I have a wicked fear of heights which I recently discovered this winter on a ski lift (not one of my finer moments)

So naturally when I was invited to experience the sling shot, I had to face my fears head on and accept.

I looked around for advice and found some in line, Alex and Sean, they look sane. But what I soon found out was Alex was as freaked out as I was and Sean was no help; telling me I could die.

But armed with my new trusty BFF Clayton, I boarded the death trap and tweeted for the last time.

Now here’s the thing, you’d hope they’d count you down or maybe promise you a sucker upon your safe return to earth, but no. Instead they load you in the giant baby car seat and buckle the thinnest of straps and wish you luck. I have never found a four-leaf clover or broken the biggest half of the wishbone so the last thing I was hoping for was luck.

Without any warning I was sent hurdling 6 billion feet in the air! Was I terrified? Who knows, within a split second I blacked out, reliving the nightmare of the Tea Cups all over  again. I don’t remeber a thing and the good thing is, no one will ever know what really happen up there….

or will they….

A ride on the Sling Shot will cost you $80/per pair and for an additional $40 you can own the frightening memory on a USB stick!

Mr. Fab