Largest Pancake Breakfast

July 10, 2011

Holy Pancake Heaven Batman!

Staring at 7am yesterday morning Chinook Centre was the host to their 51st Annual Stampede Breakfast! The largest & best breakfast in Calgary with sponsorship proceeds going to Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Over 60,000 people were in attendance and managed  to wolf back a staggering 4,000 lbs of buttermilk pancakes, 1000 lbs. of Spolumbo’s breakfast sausage and 6000 litres of Van Houtte coffee while enjoying great music artists Michelle Wright, Chad Klinger and Hey Romeo.

After 4 hours of pancake madness I bid a fair adieu to Chinook Centre and with the smell of maple syrup lingering in my hair a arrived at home to map out the rest of my week with my helpful iPhone app, Flapjack Finder.

Mr. Fab jacks