Calgary Stampede

A Royal Disappointment! (Calgary Stampede Parade)

July 9, 2011

Lets get the obvious anger out of the way….

Will and Kate… LAME!

So here’s how it all shook down…

“Oh look there are 54 police on motorcycles coming and 6 black cars behind them, wonder whats going on… Must be doing a sweep before Will and Kate come through.”

Then I see a wee little hand popped out of a window of the 3rd smallest car. The window has been rolled down 5 inches. The sun reflecting on the window makes it difficult to see into the car.

                     photo by Kelsey Horne

“Was that just?….No. It couldn’t have been… What? It was…” (insert many bleeps and picture parents covering their children’s ears)

Now many people would say, “What did you expect?”… I can assure you I didn’t expect 5 inches and 20km. If the Pope can travel in a bubble… So can the Duchess. As far as I’m concerned, no free pancakes for you!

Speaking of Pancakes…

Calgary’s Stampede Parade, the only place you will see a float dedicated to the beloved breakfast pancake.

Our Mayor Nenshi, also a fan of the delicious treat kicked off the event a top a horse.

Now if Mr. Fab where to have been in the parade, I would have chosen something a little more adorable such as these Li’l Sebastians.

Better yet, I would have joined the Shriners and taken a mini car for a spin.

or hitched a ride on a tiny dragon.

But I was happy watching all of this excitement from the sidelines. I mean I wouldn’t have wanted to miss fabulous floats such as the Ferret Rescue and Education Society.

This entire fun-filled day was packed into 17 hours and 83 minutes of pure torture. My first Stampede Parade concluded.

But why do we do it and who are these parades really for?

Families. Parents, their adorable children and babies.

So thank you Stampede Parade for the kick off to what is the most amazing celebration any city has to offer.

The Calgary Stampede!

Mr. Fab-haw