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The magical world of Cavalia

June 26, 2011

Last night in my dreams I heard a whisper and when I awoke, sitting in my inbox, was an invitation to Cavalia, the horses had summoned me.

What would I wear and should I pack a bag of oats… So many question perplexed me, but one thing I did know – I had to bring the right person with me. A reader of immrfabulous and a bona-fide ‘baby whisperer’ seemed the right choice.

Walking up to the worlds largest tent was an amazing sight in itself, I could not even imagine the wonders that would await me inside. Within minutes of sitting down the tent transformed and I was whisked into a wonderland of horses.

Manes and tails flying in the wind all while I was transported through the seasons. Falling rain, leaves and snow; I was left with my mouth wide open as I gasped watching some of the most amazing performers atop these beautiful animals.

At the end the crowd erupted with screams and applause, similar to that of a NKOTB concert. I have never seen such precision as I did from the artists, or excitement from a Calgary crowd.

Cavalia has extended its stay 3 times in Calgary and tonights sold-out performance tells why.

“The response to Cavalia has been wonderful in Calgary, it’s a real horse town” said Normand Latourelle, Cavalia’s president and artistic director. “We wish we could stay longer, but we have already pushed back our opening date in Quebec City, and can delay no longer.”

Cavalia  will close July 3rd.

This is a show you cannot afford to miss!

Mr. Fab whisperer