Save those Bubbles!

June 23, 2011

Inevitably along your travels you will meet a handful of crazies but every now and then you will meet a shining star; someone who enriches you life and saves your champagne.

Recently I met the latter. Kind, good-looking and smart; someone who has taught me a few useful things and is a new fabulous friend.

Now if you’re a filthy alcoholic and suck back your bottle of bubbles in one sitting, not leaving any leftovers for your breakfast Mimosa, then this will not help you.

But even if you leave 1/3 of the bottle for the A.M., then have I got a tip for you.

A metal spoon!

True story! Just place the handle of the spoon into the top of your un-finished bottle of bubbles and put it in the fridge. 12 to 24 hours later your bubbles will still be bubbly!

Now being the drunk I am, I haven’t had leftovers to test this theory, but the source swears by it and if she’s wrong… just send me the hate mail and I will forward it on.

So next time, save a little for the morning. Nothing says ‘Sunday brunch’ like a bit of tipsy commotion.

Mr. Fab ubbles