Sucky Fish Pedicure

June 21, 2011

Recently on a trip to Holland I discovered one of the weirdest ‘spa’ treatments that I have ever seen.

Now I am a big fan of having my body exfoliated beyond the point of a new-born baby, but my preferred method usually includes a bulky Turkish man with a scrubby mitt and a little force. This new discovery had a lot less body hair but still the same, did not speak english.

The nibbly fish pedicure.

Imagine 100’s of tiny fish squirming between your toes like hungry piranhas, nibbling all the dead skin off your tootsies! That’s the newest fad when it comes to spa pedicures in Holland.

It feels like a million little bubbles relaxing your feet, until you look down and see little suckers covering your feet like a pair of fishy boots.

Screaming, I yanked my limbs out which sent fish flying… This treatment was not for me!

I prefer my fish wrapped in seaweed smothered in soya sauce.

Mr. Fab ish