Jelly Modern Doughnuts in Calgary (breaking news!)

June 16, 2011

After sleepless nights of waiting for just the right moment get my major doughnut on, the perfect morning had arrived. After starving myself for nearly 24 hours I was ready to celebrate with a baker’s dozen from Jelly Modern.

I could smell this place from a block away, so I knew exactly where I was going.

As I entered my own personal dream sequence, 100’s of sugary deliciousnesses greeted me from behind a glass window. Pinching myself back to reality, I started to navigate my way through all the sizes and flavours myself.

‘3 bite’ versions, or the ones half the size of my face? The choice was obvious and I placed my order. When the staff pulled out a box the size of a coffee table, I knew that I could leave with nearly all of them.

After deciding not to leave any behind I recalled a recent tweet I had seen less the 24 hours prior for a special doughnut… Was there one I had missed?

Just then an Angel appeared; The Baker, Grayson. He had heard my plee for the ‘tweeted’ doughnuts and hurried into the back. Soon my savour returned with my ‘game day’ doughnut, freshly dipped and topped to perfection.

The Nanaimo Bar donut!!

So covered in chocolate, coconut, and cream, I’m still licking off my fingers.

What other shop would ever take the time to freshly hand dip a doughnut that wasn’t even on the list for that day? Jelly Modern will, thats their promise, if they got it, they’ll dip it upon request!

So how did the other dozen taste? 5 in my tummy and I couldn’t continue, these things are huge. 

Some of my favourites were the cake doughnuts (Red Velvet and Carrot Cake); so moist and delicious.

So Jelly Modern, after all the tweets and sleepless nights, my verdict:

I give you 10/10 on the sugar high and several tasty tummy growls,

Breaking News to my readers: Today JM will launch a line of doughnut sandwiches. I hope it’s two pieces of glazed bread with a doughnut in between!

Jelly Modern doughnuts cost $2.25 for regular size ($24.95 per dozen), or $44.95 per two dozen and they sell the three bite doughnuts for $1.95 or a tray of 16 for $24.95.  The tray of 16 is a box with tray and tongs.  They also have a weekly chef creation and will also dip customer’s favourite selections.

Mr. Fab oughnut