Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (J.A)

June 10, 2011

One of my all time favourite musical artists, the perfect quiet date night music where everything seems to be just right, and one of the funniest on stage artists I have ever seen!

Jann Arden

I have been a huge fan of Jann since I was just a wee ‘little fabulous’ living in a smaller city, when news hit that Jann would be playing our local venue. This was before online ticket sales existed so I was up bright and early to wait in line for the best seat. My dreams of seeing her finally had come true and after one of the most hilariously intimate concerts of my life, I ran behind the concert hall to her trailer and patiently waited with 9 other people to catch a glimpse of her.  About an hour later in the cold prairie night, she emerged with a wicked attitude from her trailer, saying “Let’s make this quick, I don’t want to be out here.”

Heartbroken I slunk away in embarrassment for having made her open the trailer door.

Fast forward 8 years and several of her concerts later.

I had just hit speed dial on a local Calgary radio stations phone #, they were giving away a lunch meet and greet with Jann Arden at their studios, somebody picked up the phone and I had won! With a face full of tears and a sore throat from screaming, a few days later I was waiting at the studio to meet her.  She was on her way and bringing us lunch from her restaurant the ‘Arden’.  45 mins late and in a huff she arrived with plastic bags full of cold macaroni & cheese and caesar salad. She tossed them on the table and walked right into the recording booth. 15 minutes later she emerged, told us she had to go and we had 2 minutes to get a picture and autograph if we wanted them.

She tossed on a fake smile and was out the door before I could tell her what a big fan I was.

Since then, I have bought every new CD she has come out with and seen her live multiple times around Canada. I think she is still one of the funniest people on stage and her music is still on my top 5 list. As for her personal skills the two times I have met her… Even I’m in shock that I’m still a loyal fan!

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