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Double Zero Pizza opens

June 8, 2011

It’s been just a few days since returning from the Pizza Capital of the world, Naples, Italy, and I was invited to the one of the newest pizza restaurant in Calgary to check out there wears.

Double Zero pizza wine and beer. Located in the ‘Core’ at 751 4th st sw. Right across from Holt Renfrew.

My first impression of this place was a good one. Very chique, nice lighting, great design, a choice of open concept seating, or through a maze, more secluded intimate areas. Located in the old space of ‘Tangerine’ nightclub, this place has been ripped apart and done up right.

I was quickly treated to a fantastic glass of their house red wine, Giorgio & Gianni Negromaro, which comes from Italy, amazing quality and very reasonable price at $7 a glass.

Next a sample of 3 pizzas; Speck, Salami, and Mushroom. The pizza was cooked to perfection and not burnt like ‘other’ Calgary pizza hot spots. The pizza was simple and made with quality ingredients. 1 pie, ranges from $13-18, and is enough to hold you over until your next meal. But if you’re a bottomless pit like me, they also have 8 starters and 4 salads on the menu. And if pizza isn’t your thing (you’re crazy), but they have 5 other mouth-watering dishes for you to choose from.

In addition to the delicious food, one other aspect caught my attention. Something that is a major urban legend in Calgary.

Great Service.

Yep, the Owners, Servers, and Hostess actually cared about what they where doing and seemed passionate about being a part of the Double Zero team. And trust me, it wasn’t just because Mr. Fab was in the room, I watched them interact with the other patrons. This is a company I could work for! The staff is attractive, friendly, and furry faced! Three more great qualities that will set them apart.

So keep up the tasty good work,

I give you one floury butt slap on your Double Zero ‘ass’ets.

Mr Fab

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