Keeping up with the Kusadasi-ans

June 5, 2011

Like a child awaiting Christmas morning, I sprung out of my bed this mornig as we approched Turkey for the second time on the cruise. I was about to visit one of the most wonderous lost worlds with some of the best looking people on this side of the planet even Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe would think they had met their match.

Welcome to Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

What had happen to one of the most modern cities of it’s time and where had all the people gone? As I walked around I couldn’t help but wounder what this place might look like in another 50 years; only 5% of this city has been unearthed and I was amazed and impressed.

After a 2 hour walk through the dusty rubble I returned to the coast line for a little taste of Turkish history in the city of Kusadasi. The Turkish Bath.

Words can not descibe what exactly transpired in the following 1 hour treatment.

All I can share right now is that a guy (5’7″, furry, with bicepts of steel, whom I have named ‘Bruno’) agressivly whipped me into a frenzy of cleanliness. He scrubbed my body with exfoliating mits until I was softer then a baby seal and after he threw a bucket of water in my face and slapped my ass for the seventh time, I decided to flee the scene.

No where else on my vacation have I had more of an adventure than Turkey. It has been my favorite place to travel.

I will be back soon to finish what I have started.

Mr. Fab runo