Welcome to Chios, Greece

June 3, 2011

As today is ‘Famous Fridays’ I dedicate this post to my girl Sophia, half way there with her fame, she is a recording artist from Greece who will be dropping some hot greek tracks soon…

Now the only thing keeping me from me becoming a true greek is about 2 cm of hair between my eyebrows.

Welcome to Chios, or as I call it, the world of my tall, dark, good-looking, uni-browed twins.

Today I was able to sit down for a bite to eat and was given the ‘local’ menu with the ‘local’ prices… sure I had no idea what I was reading, everything looked like a fraternity house name but that pleased me just the same. With my friend Sophia in mind I tossed out a couple ‘prah prahs’ and I had a table full of local tasties!

Chios is a sleepy Greek city that lyes along the Aegean Sea, quaint streets with female shop workers who look like they would bitch slap your Grandmother into a coma if you even looked t them the wrong way.

A short day and a belly full of dolmas I bid farewell to Chios, I will miss you my brother.

Mr. Fab brow