Welcome to Egypt

June 2, 2011

A world of mystery and wonder, a place full of secrets that has captivated the world, has one secret that is rarely mentioned when people speak of Egypt; this place is a world-class dump!

Welcome to Alexandria and Cairo, the filthiest places I have ever been to.

I have numerous friends who have travelled to see one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and no one has ever reported on this place like they should have.

If I were to print post cards for Egypt, I would depict a scene at the pyramids, where a tourist bus is arriving and in the distance, a stampede of Bedouins are closing in on them with camels and $1 souvenirs, stirring up a sandstorm, The tourist turns to run, only to face more of them. As they literally throw ‘free gifts’ at the tourists limp arms, the tourist looks up and sees that the Pyramids are hardly in the middle of a sprawling desert, but located right beside the filthy traffic jammed garbage-y streets of Cairo.

I was one of the first tourists back to the country since the revolution and you think they could have cleaned up a little for their guests. I did see one man doing his part by shoveling heaps of trash into the Nile.

Now of course I do not want to deter you from visiting, the Pyramids are unbelievable if you can get a chance to look at them between being attacked by postcard and pen sales.

So now that you know what to expect, GO! It is truly unbelievable to think people actually built these pyramids. It is an amazing sight to see. I am 100% glad I went, but 100% sure I will never be back… ohhh and thanks Egypt, you left over 50% of our ship with a real nice parting gift, 50% of us were diagnosed with the ‘Norwalk’ virus.

Mr. Fab of the Nile