Welcome to Vatican City & Rome, Italy

May 31, 2011

Rome Rome go away, I’ll come back another day! That’s what I wished for as I turned around and tossed my small monies into the Trevi Fountain. The legend says if you toss money into the fountain backwards, your promised to come back to Rome some day.

There are so many iconic tourist spots in Rome, so I did them all. My first stop Vatican City, and lucky for me I was there on a Wednesday which just happens to be when the Pope holds Mass… Yep, blessed by the pope as I made Lady Gaga Monster hands. You’d know why I did it if you have read my JUDAS post.

Then to the Sistine Chapel which was way less remarkable than I ever could have imagined. Next stop was the Pantheon and Trevi, both totally amazing.

Last stop was the Colosseum and the Forum. WOW. Better and bigger then I imagined!

A little pizza to satisfy my tummy and I bid fair well to beautiful Rome.

Mr. Fab saint of sugar and spice