Sour Apples

May 30, 2011

I have a real beef with you Apple.

Why is it that I can go into a store several months after the launch of a product. After all the ridiculous losers have lined up outside your store, camping the night to get first dibs on release day, to get a product only to find out you have none in stock?

Of course this is after waiting 15 minutes trying to hunt down an employee that’s even available to help me.

Last month I was in 6 Apple stores and a few ‘big box stores’ between the US and Canada trying to purchase the new iPad for a good friend in Europe to take to him on my most recent vacation. Only to be told that they were ‘out of stock’.

I have a great idea… make some! Who launches a product and then has 20 in the store you can try out and play with but then does make any to sell? This is not only true in the case of the iPad but every lauch of the next generation of iPhones.

So I come bearing a few pieces of advice…

-put out a sign on the table of the 20 demo iPads that you’re sold out so I don’t waste my time looking for help.

-don’t launch a product if you can’t have it produced.

So now I will be heading to Holland empty-handed, where a set of ‘stink eyes’ will be awaiting me!

Mr Fab crab apple