Surfing Sunday

Surfing Sunday (

May 29, 2011

Of course the # 1 blog in Canada that you should be reading is, but once you have exhausted all unread stories and adventures here, there are a few other great Canadian Bloggers you should check out.


An amazingly funny blog and an amazingly fabulous person. I was lucky to have met this writer almost a year ago. She has been an integral part of my success as a blogger and I am so grateful to have her a part of my life.

xoxojes is one of my favorite blogs to read when I am looking for a good laugh, as a matter of fact she is currently the holder of the Canadian blog award for ‘Humour’, she has a dry wit and a sassy way of smacking around the people and events she writes about. She covers EVERYTHING and no one is free from her wrath.

Today she is celebrating two successful years of bring joy, (and horror) into her readers lives. So check it out, you’re in for a good time.

Happy Birthday

Mr Fab xoxo