Welcome to Marseille, France

May 26, 2011

Hello Lover, yes you France.

I just want to roll around in a overstuffed feather bed with you all day long. However I do have a bone to pick with you, and thats the fact that with all your baguettes and delicious pastries, I can no longer see any of my bones. Why do you have to be so tasty?

I tried to escape your advances when I arrived in Marseille today but my plan was foiled when a friend who lives there showed up bearing macaroons. I’m sure they cost her a small fortune and I hate to see hard earned money go to waste, so I quickly solved that problem.

After shaming myself in Marseille I quickly picked up and left town for Aux en Provence which like most places in france, does not disappoint. This little town is so adorable, if I moved to France I wouldn’t second guess where I would be moving, in fact I wish I never left.

So for now France you have left me with 2 days on the treadmill, I will be back to get my revenge on you!

I give you 5 colorful macaroons out of a possible score of 4 donuts and a coffee.

Mr. Fab kiss kiss