Welcome to Barcelona, Spain

May 21, 2011

What smells a little like urine and is tighter then my mothers pocket-book?


Today I arrived in a city that has one of the oddest urban game plans I have ever seen. Buildings are literally smushed together, leaving tight walking paths between them which are littered with shops, eateries, graffiti and urine. I’m all for letting your dog pee on the street, but when the street is 10 feet across, it really starts to sour fast!

That being said, Barcelona has some amazing architecture. Antonio Gaudi, a famed architect born in the late 1800’s has really left his mark on this city. His designs are so bizarre that each one of them has become a major tourism destination.

La Sagrada Famila is a church which was started by him and has now been under construction for over 100 years. By far this was the highlight for me. It’s a cross between Gothic and Art Neuvo, looks like it was made of wax and then melted with a torch. It has so much going on I didn’t even know what to look at. It is a ‘haute’ mess!

 His other projects like Casa Mila, a residential building and La Pedrera, make little to no sense as well and look like a 6 year olds art project where they got there hands on too many supplies and worked unsupervised. An amazing site to see!

Thanks for the good times B, I will never forget you. I give you 4 squishes outta 5 and a owww my feet hurt.

Mr. Fab izzare