Welcome to Alicante, Spain

May 19, 2011

Dear Alicante,

You are so beautiful I could just marry you!

The weather here in Spain has been amazing! The sky is clear and there is a light breeze coming off the Mediterranean Sea.

The city is so pretty, it reminds me of Miami Beach with a little dash of Honolulu. They have such beautiful walkways lined with palm trees, vendors and terraces where a glass of local wine will cost you less than $2 and probably wont be found anywhere else as only very small quantities are exported.

The beaches are so nice! It’s the first time I have ever been on a beach in Europe, they do things a little different here, guys mainly in speedos and girls mainly with out tops. Sometimes its bad, but most times its good. I would have to go on a major workout routine if I ever decided to move here.

So Alicante, I give you a rating of 5 stars with a side of ‘jubilees’. You are one sexy place!

Mr. Fab frit froo