Welcome to Gibraltar, UK

May 17, 2011

Gibraltar, the home of the smelly Barbary Ape and the city that smells like greasy un-washed hair and deep fry, a small Peninsula on the souther tip of Spain.

To dodge the smell I quickly decided to take the skytram to the ‘top of the rock’ for some fresh air. As I stepped off I was greeted by a rather large posse of Barbary Apes, who run this island like Capone ran New York City back in yester year. My ‘murse’ was almost snatched out of my hands as another monkey jumped on my face. Between the stink and mouthful of fur my defences were weakened, did these primates not realize who Mr. Fab was?

After running for my life, leaving the ‘murse’ to the beasts,  I was able to take in the beauty of the outlining continent of Africa and the neighbouring country of Spain.

Before I could snap more than a few photos the mammals were back and had recruited their friends. Alas I knew it was time to get the heck out of Gibraltar…

Smell you later G, I will not miss you!

Mr. Fab atang