Welcome to Tenerife, Canary Islands

May 15, 2011

As many of you know I am currently on a Trans Atlantic Cruise. I have ditched all the fab parties and events in Canada this month to see what the other side of the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

But don’t worry I will be back! And until then I’ll let you know what I’m missing at home that you can still attend and rub in my face later.

Along the way I’ll let you know where I’m stopping and what you are missing, if anything, on this side of the world.

First stop, the Canary Islands.

After 7 days at Sea and many tabs of Gravol later, I have arrived in Tenerife.

From the photos in the magazine this place looks dodgy… not the case at all.

Tenerife is a vacation hot spot for Europeans to get away from the cold, much like the Caribbean is to Canadians. The great news is, as it is quite pricey to get here, only the classy ones come. The city is very clean and has the most amazingly groomed trees and streets I have ever seen.

Imagine Paris meets Vancouver and then make it very miniature. Tons of cute terraced restaurants with beautiful small inner city parks steps away.

My highlight was the great architecture of their concert hall. (look at me, i’m so small!)

My verdict for Tenerife…Two Thumbs up and a Va Va Voom

Mr. Fab ary