Welcome Victoria’s Secret!

May 5, 2011

I know, who calls it Victoria’s Secret? No one, we all call it Victoria Secret… but this story is about a girl and she is hiding something! Luckily enough for us Calgarians, we will soon find out what!

VS is opening today at Chinook Center and I hear there will be an ‘Angel’ there! (right beside Gap).

Now I don’t know much about Bras and Panties… But I have been told that the majority of you women are wearing the wrong size bra! VS has a great team that will measure you and get you into the right cup. The fun part is, they even deliver you a bin of bras to try on in all their styles once they size you, then you just pick the ones you like and they will bring you the colors you want.

So come on ladies… lets get you comfortable and smelling good too!

Mr. F cup