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What (not) to Wear Wednesdays

April 27, 2011

Alright ladies, sometimes your fashion is bad and I don’t think you know it! The problem is, you see clothing advertised in magazines and it looks really sexy on the pages but then when you wiggle yourselves into them… Janky!

Here is a summer disaster I have been seeing for way too many years now. The Maxi Dress!

Sure, when a 5’11 model wears it and it’s catching wind down the runway, it’s 50% okay. But it the dead heat of summer on an average height girl… it looks like a ratty ol’ bed sheet.

Now I know you have one in you closet and you hate me right now. You love it and say it looks hot on you. trust me, it’s more like a hot mess!

In order to help you understand this disaster better, I tried one on to showcase the ‘all wrong’ Maxi Dress.

Now I’m 6’3 and serving up some ‘Kardashian’ real-ness and it still makes me look like a sack of potato’s.

So burn those Maxi dresses and thank me later.

Mr. Fab axi