Andy Warhol (view at own risk)

April 26, 2011

I love Andy Warhol, I find his art and life story really interesting. He lived in a NYC warehouse loft and called it the “Factory“. He had famous friends, elaborate parties and was a regular at Studio 54.

He is best known for his portraits of Celebrities and of course the infamous Soup Can.

I know one day I will own a piece of his art. Hopefully the one titled ‘Truck’.

My favorite place to look for his art is on Ebay. I have seen some really cool things on there. Occasionally people re-sell his personal effects purchased from the Sotheby’s auction after his death. Sotheby’s cleared out the ‘Factory’ and sold everything. Some of the thing I have seen up for sale have been his jewelry, furniture, nick nacks, dishes, and even a pin collection.

Now here comes the shocking part:

I have seen a lot of photographs of Andy Warhol himself up for sale as well, but today I found, what has been listed as a ‘one-of-a-kind’. It was taken by his first cousin at his funeral in 1987.

Andy Warhol dead in a casket. The photo is up for sale, listed at $900,000. I think this is beyond sickening.

His sunglasses were removed by his cousin for this photo.

Andy Warhol Dead in a Casket (photo link)

This is not the art I was looking for.

Mr. Fab uneral