Happy Delicious Easter

April 24, 2011

Now I am aware the Easter Sunday is not really about the chocolate bunnies but let’s be honest I sure didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn and look under the bed for Jesus. Although finding a Virgin Mary in the dust bunnies wouldn’t have been so bad.

So if you know me, you’d know all I ever want for Easter is a $1.99 cheap 1 pound chocolate bunny, yah, the waxy tasting chocolate, I can’t get enough!

This Easter I went cross border shopping for some special treats. Here are my favorites.

Take the classic Cadbury Creme Egg and shrink them down to mini, you may have seen them. But in the USA they put them in a wasteful non bio degradable egg crate. I love me a wasteful mass marketed holiday!

Next we move on to everyone’s favorite, PEEPS. The ingenious peep over at peeps kicked it up a notch this year and finally made chocolate peeps, but oh no, they didn’t stop there! They then dipped the bottoms in milk chocolate! Yummy in my tummy!

Now here’s where Easter greed takes over and we really lose the meaning. When candy companies try to get their peice of the pie…

Swedish Fish. No longer the classic fish, what they have decided to serve up is a modified candy caviar.

The Swedish Egg. WTF?

Really the whole marketing is gross.. I’m eating unborn candied fish…How is that Easter? The bright side, at least their fat-free… phew!

So Happy Easter and I’ll see you at the Walmart fighting for the 50% off chocolate 1 pounders!

Mr. Fab hunt