Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (W.N)

April 22, 2011

I was in Las Vegas for a few days lounging in the sun and getting my fill of buffets. Now I know all the celebrities go to Vegas, but there must be some secret underground because to-date I have never seen one there (besides Holly Madison).

So it was time to go home, bronzed and chubby I boarded my flight back to Vancouver. As I nestled into my seat my eyes started watering from the over powering stench of old man cologne. I whipped my head around to look for the offender and staring right back into my watery eyes was Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton.

I think I was most shocked on how much plastic surgery he has had, his face is tighter then a brand new trampoline.

The rumor on the street is, he had declared bankruptcy and no longer had his private jet, argo, travelling steerage like the rest of us.

Mr. Fab $$