H.B West, you’re 1

April 16, 2011

Now normally the only reason I go to birthday parties is for the free cake, but when West (located DT) promised me free food and drinks for their one year anniversary party last night, how could I say no.

Here is why I love this place.

  1. It’s a restaurant on the bottom and bar/club on the top. (Great DJ)
  2. It has the biggest roof top patio in Calgary
  3. The age range is appropriate for me (28-40)
  4. The people are showered and sexy!

Now trust me, I have been to a lot of clubs in Calgary where I have wondered when the last time a girl has washed her hair or has dragged a soapy cloth on her body. West’s clientele are clean and upscale.

So Happy Birthday WEST, I like your swagger!

Mr. Fab