Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (D.M)

April 15, 2011

So last week we talked about the fabulous 90210 Tori Spelling. Ohh how I dreamt of attending West Beverly. Sadly the Stork mixed things up, robbed me and I ended up at a public school.

What could be even better than going to ‘school’ with Miss Donna Martin? Well I think I have that story for you.

I should let you know that I love Christmas! Everything about it… A year ago I was hired to work on a Christmas movie called Santa Baby 2. I was hired to be a stand in and photo double for… Dean McDermott.

I worked with him for the 19 days of filming standing in for him as they set his camera and lighting. On a few occasions I was used as a hand double for the final TV edit. (Yes my hands have more airtime then my face!)

I have to tell you that he is single-handedly the nicest individual I have ever met, let alone celebrity. He is funny, caring and kind.

He was really easy to converse with and super genuine. Watching him and Tori together in person, you can really feel the love. They are fantastic, hands on parents.

I only managed to embarrass myself once around him.

At the end of filming he gave me a card and apologized that he didn’t have enough time to get me a thank you gift, but that he had given me money instead and now felt really awkward about it. I replied… “did you at least put your autograph on the card?”

Well that was stupid. He looked confused and said…”well I put my name, I don’t know, I’ve never autographed a card to a friend before?”

Yep, I felt stupid! But the card was very nice and I appreciate the kind things he said.

I think you are an amazing person Dean McDermott!

Also I hear there is a new baby on the way… Congratulations to both of you, your children are very lucky to have such loving parents!

Mr. Fab ograph

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