A DQ slap in the face

April 9, 2011

Dear Dairy Queen,

Mr. Fab here, a big fan. I just wasnt to thank you for slapping us Canadians in the face.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you haven’t been watching the Canadian dollar climb much higher then the US dollar. I mean you couldn’t have noticed. Because if you did, you probably wouldn’t have aired a new commercial in each market screaming out the price of the new mini Blizzard.

$1.99 in the US market and $2.99 in the Canadian market…

My face still stings from the slap and the only thing that will cool the burn would be the side of a blizzard cup pressed on my sweet face. BUT not the $2.99 one! Maybe I’ll have one imported for $1.92 after conversion.

Oh DQ, pull yourself together!

Mr. Fab