Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (T.S)

April 8, 2011

In sticking with my 90210 run-ins, this weeks celebrity was the first to leave me speechless.

Sometimes you have a pre conceived notion on how a celebrity will act or what they’ll be like based on too many bad tabloid runs on them. In this case what I learned in this case was, the tabloids couldn’t have been more of a lie!

I was working on a movie and while I was stuffing cream puffs off of the craft service table in my pockets, I turned around to a toddler reaching up for an apple. I handed one to him and heard his mother say, “say thank-you”. I turn to offer her a warm smile for her good parenting technique and to my amazement stood Donna Martin aka Tori Spelling. The toddler, her son Liam, and in her arms, Stella.

We all know what the tabloids have said about her weight and relationship with her mother… Who knows what to believe. So what is she REALLY like?

I would describe her as one of the most caring down to earth mothers I have ever met. She had her nanny there to help her out, but certainly looked natural interacting with her children. She only utilized the help of her nanny during meals, feeding stella, so she could help Liam and eat too. Yes she ate! And it would have been a lot easier for her and her family to sit in a set trailer and have food delivered but she waited in the same lines with the rest of us. Then she and her children sat right across from me each day, eating what I ate, having nice conversations with whoever engaged her.

That’s where I looked like a crazy person, I was far from fabulous. Instead I was too nervous to talk to her and I couldn’t even eat. This was Tori Spelling, a girl who came from one of the most powerful men in hollywood, L.A Roylty… and she was SO normal, SO kind and SO sweet.

Everybody asks me if she is a skinny as she looks in the magazines. All I have to say, is that if you were an active mother with two active children you would be in great shape too.

So Tori thanks for giving me a reason to doubt everything I read. I wish I would have said hello, I’m really not a weirdo.

Mr. Fab ervous