It’s cocktail-o-clock

April 7, 2011

So it’s 2:30 on Thursday, you woke up about 45 minutes ago, time for a little late week pick me up. Vodka!

Now obviously if you run heavy machinery, I will refer you to a juice box. For the rest of us, the most delicious vodka should hit the spot.

I first noticed Three Olives while reading my weekly trash magazines, trying to scope out where to get my next story for ‘Famous Fridays’. They were having a contest to show them your O face.

Well I like the ad so I thought I should try the product.

I was in love and now I feel like the ‘bachelor’, struggling between picking which flavor I want most.


Who can chance that Coca-Cola will steal cherry coke away from us again? So in preparation for that day, know that if you add Cherry Three Olives to Coke Zero, you’ll have a better product then the original.


I had NO idea what this would taste like when I bought it. All I knew is that I liked ‘Moet’ so maybe this would be a cheaper sloppy version. I was very wrong, very wrong! Bubbles tastes like, what I imagine kissing the gummy bear girl from ‘Ferris Bueller’s’ would taste like.

Like a really juicy mouth of Bubble Gum! SO delicious, just mix this one with soda.

So throw a party… its 2:30 on a Thursday, Hooray!

Mr. Fab O-face