Marketing Monday, Forever 21

April 4, 2011

I am a huge fan of great marketing!

If I normally don’t shop at your store, I can assure you if you have great visuals I will make a pass through it, and chances are, I’ll end up buying something.

This is how I first started shopping at Anthropologie. They have one of the most creative, low-cost, hand crafted visual display concepts on the market. I have seen great window displays made from things like coffee filters, dryer lint, clothes hangers, and string. Truly genius displays!

This week I am giving the thumbs up to the windows at Forever 21

Not only did they have a hot window display, they also had some fantastic displays inside the store.

So if you have never been to Forever 21, they offer some of the greatest low-priced fashionable clothing I have ever found. Great pieces to enhance your outfits, and if I were a girl, I would be wild for their jewelry selection… I would have to guess they have 500 different pieces that range from $3.90 to $15.90. I would be dripping in ‘busy’!

Thanks Forever 21 for visually stimulating me!

Mr. Fab dressed